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Home Sweet Home

Proven Winning & Losing Colour Choices in Real Estate: The Easy Formula for a Fast Sale with Paint

Nova Scotia is one of those places where we have the joy of experiencing a sort of colour therapy. Like flipping pages through

Exciting Recipes

Hearty Beef Ribs Soup

We prepare a recipe good for this winter. Try this healthy soup for your family!

You have to recommend to a friend one place for coffee, what place do you suggest?

Realtor's Corner

Stay current with Eric Meredith’s view of real estate in a month. Learn what’s happening in the world of real estate in South Shore and how you can get ahead in this area.

Top 5 Tips from Local Experts

Bring a professional touch to your life. Gain insight from local experts and their top tips to bring your game up a notch

Scotian Pulse

Find out what’s near and dear to local hearts as you read about what they’re saying about Nova-Scotia-made products. See what goods made it to the favourites list after experimental tastes made and chosen by consumers in our Scotian Pulse section.

Why Explore Nova?

Undiscovered Stories

Unearth and connect with fresh and unique stories coming to you right from home in the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Promoting Local Business

In the spirit of supporting local we’re bringing the spotlight onto neighbourhood businesses and new exciting products and reviews.

Your Simple Local Directory

Let us help you find what you need - with an easy-to-use directory, find exactly what you’re looking for and more!

Job Posting

Use this as your window of opportunity and discover the possibilities available to you right here in our Job posting section.

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Explore Nova is the official magazine of Eric Meredith Real Estate, brought to you monthly online, where you can connect with real undiscovered stories of our land and people.

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